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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 6, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much for joining us. talks are under way with mediators taking messengers -- messages between israel and hamas. the stance of each site is well-known, their demands unchanged. hamas has already rejected an israeli demand at its militants disarm. benjamin netanyahu held a news conference where he blamed hamas for the death and destruction
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israeli airstrikes have caused in the gaza strip. quick the people of gaza are not our enemy. our enemy is hamas. our enemy are the other terrorist organizations trying to kill our people. the tragedy of gaza is that it is ruled by hamas, a to radical and fanatical terror group that relishes civilian casualties. they want civilian casualties. they use them as pr fodder. >> the 72-hour truce was called on tuesday morning, and the talks in cairo are part and parcel of that deal. signing a lasting solution may be the end, but the reality is that the two sides remain a distance a part in their expectations and willingness to compromise. >> hopes for a lasting peace in the middle east, but at what cost? palestinians and israelis dictate their conditions. as talks begin in cairo.
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finding common ground will be difficult. before anything else, israel must lift the blockade on gaza. >> we are comfortable with the coordination with our egyptian brothers and hope that the egyptian position leads to an arab and international agreement which leads to actual international pressure on israel to lift the siege of the gaza strip. >> strict israeli sanctions have stalled the economy in this strip of land crammed with nearly 2 million people. the palestinian delegation is also demanding the opening of border crossings, that the authorized fishing zone be expanded for him three nautical miles to 12. for his part, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has insisted time and again his country toss security will take priority over all other considerations. the short-term goal is to prevent hamas rearming.
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longer-term, the complete demilitarization of gaza. >> the latest word coming from cairo, israel is prepared to extend the cease-fire beyond friday. we will bring you more on that as we get it. staying with the story, ban ki-moon has expressed his anger and frustration over the airstrikes on you in schools in gaza -- united nations schools in gaza. there have been 33 attempts to warn israel not to strike the site. he said enough is enough. >> the horror unleashed on the people of gaza, the repeated shelling of united nations facilities harboring civilians who had been expressly told to seek a safe haven there. these attacks were outrageous, unacceptable and unjustifiable.
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>> the united nations secretary-general. now destruction of infrastructure is the phrase used very much about the situation in gaza. it means sewage is piling up electricity is scarce, roads, houses flattened. aid workers have and able to start assessing the depth of the crisis. they are warning it could be serious and widespread across the whole territory. what would it take to rebuild and how quickly could that be done? let's get some analysis now from gaza city. good evening to you, sir. what do you think it will take to remake gaza? >> [inaudible] the last 30 days.
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[inaudible] everything is destroyed.
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it is very difficult and very complicated to undertake the huge operation needed to help the cosan -- the gazan people. they have to work together in order to help the gazan people as soon as possible. >> i'm having trouble actually making out what you are saying. the quality of the phone line is so poor. i hope people at home could
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better hear what you are saying, but thank you for speaking to us, and maybe we will try to get back to you with a clearer line. sorry about the quality of the phone line there. let's move onto other stories from around the world now. the british scientist who first identified the ebola virus is calling for experimental drugs to be used in the alert in west africa as two victims taken in west africa for the u.s. taken with untreated medication are making progress. meanwhile, a number of cases -- the number of cases and deaths in africa continue sadly the rise. >> touching down on american soil, the second u.s. citizen to be infected with the deadly ebola virus. covered from head to toe in a protective suit he was wheeled
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into the highly specialized isolation unit in atlanta georgia, on a stretcher. she arrived two days after kent bradley, a doctor she had been working within liberia. both are receiving an experimental treatment that until now had only ever been tested on monkeys. >> the first man who was treated apparently had a miraculous response within an hour. the second patient, a woman also appears to be generally doing ok, but we will not know really whether this drug is effective until it can be tested properly in treatment trials where some patients get the drug and some get a placebo or nothing. >> the scientists who discovered ebola in 1976 have been deeply critical of the wider response to the west african epidemic. severe outbreaks of deadly diseases justify the use of an untested drug. >> when you have 90% dying of an infection, i think there is a
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case for using experimental drugs and in a far more accelerated day then you would do with an infection that has no mortality. >> for the time being however whilst experimental antibody may prove to be effective in battling ebola, it is out of reach for the vast majority of victims. >> the prime minister of the netherlands has called a halt in the search for remains of the victims of malaysia airlines flight 17 disaster in ukraine. it was too dangerous to continue the search. he has promised the families that the search would continue sometime in the future. flight 17 was shot down in eastern ukraine, killing all 17th -- all 200 98 people on board. francois hollande's call for germany to do more to boost economic growth in europe have been brushed aside. a berlin spokeswoman said they will not change tack.
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she added that germany is already the most important growth engine in europe. our correspondent in berlin joins us now. this does not smack of cordiality doesn't? >> that is true. they are a contrast to the words we saw during the world war i synteny airey ceremonies -- synteny airey ceremonies. a lot of people say it seems quite optimistic and inappropriate to use the cente nniary to call for more support. on the one hand, germany's economy is strong and france's is not, so germany sees no real reason to suddenly change its economic helices. germany feels the proof is its
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present economic success shows that austerity does work, and critics say that these comments show that his economic policy is failing and that he is simply looking for germany to bail him out. we saw today by the reaction from angela merkel's spokeswoman that germany's government appears to feel pretty much the same way. >> people in the caf├ęs say the germans are arrogant. there has always been this difference between all on -- hollande and merkel. >> in france it does look like arrogance, but here in germany lots of germans feel they made lots of sacrifices to achieve the current economic success. you have to remember that back in 2000, the german government made lots of very painful reforms. cuts in benefits, cuts in state
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spending all to get the economy back on track, and this was at a time when germany's economy was not doing well. these reforms were also pushed through by a centerleft government, so it was a very similar situation. in germany, there's a certain amount of appleman about why france will not do the same or why indeed mr. hollande is unable to do the same -- there's a certain amount of bafflement. the german government feels that if the country were to listen to mr. hollande, germany would end up in the same mess as france. we saw today in comments from angela merkel's spokeswoman that the government believes this would be particularly problematic for europe in general because germany remains the driving force behind european economic growth. >> indeed. good neighbors but still seeing things in a different way. let's move on. the 69th anniversary of the atom
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bomb dropped on hiroshima has been marked in japan. the devastating event was key to forcing the japanese to surrender in 1945. survivors of the bomb were at the ceremony which was attended by tens of thousands of people. >> eight: 15 a.m. the peace bell rings out. at that exact moment 69 years ago, hiroshima was hit i a u.s. atomic bomb. three days later, another bomb hit nagasaki. some 45,000 people -- survivors their descendents, japanese officials, and foreign delegates -- all attended the ceremony held by the japanese prime minister. >> i pledge to work hard to abolish nuclear weapons and to obtain ichiro world peace. we want to avoid the repetition of such an atrocity. >> since the war, the u.s. has been a close ally of tokyo, but
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washington has never officially apologized for the bombing. tens of thousands of people were killed instantly. many others died later of radiation exposure. >> japan is the only nation struck by the atomic tom. our government should accept the fact that we have avoided war for the past 69 years thanks to the pacifism of the post-world war ii constitution. >> the anniversary comes as the government is under huge criticism. it recently allowed the japanese military to defend foreign countries, something most of the population disapproves. >> let's go back to the main world news headlines. the cease-fire still holds in gaza. talks are under way in cairo, but the united nations has condemned israel's airstrike on its schools in the gaza strip.
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israel says hamas has brought it on its own people. scientists call for experimental drugs to be used to try to stop the -- try to stop the ebola survivors are among the tens of thousands in hiroshima to mark 59 years since the atomic bomb was dropped. the devastating event that led to japan's surrender in world war ii. we'll be back in a moment with more for you here on "france 24 ." >> welcome back. it's time now for media watch. now then, the humanitarian truce -- despite some peoples pettitte
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-- pessimism, is still holding. >> we are seeing this kind of low -- lull, a 72-our pause, if you want. if you go to this website, a tv channel we know well in france that covers all kinds of world news 24/seven. you can see a picture of this small village just outside gaza, and these before and after pictures, we can look and see scrolling across. total devastation, palestinians returning home to -- what do you say? pulverize this one word. >> whatever was there just does not exist anymore. >> if we scroll down a little bit further, you can see on the
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sixth of july, and the comparison with the 25th of july . if i can show you there, you see lots of homes, and what we got there is again that richer, a swipe, devastation. most of those homes have gone. >> incredibly sad when you look at it like that. you talk about people's homes, where they live, where they built their lives or where they try to. a low then. focus on real statistics and the number of dead so far. there has been no real agreement. 400 children have been killed according to unicef. >> that's right. this is an article i saw an article i saw in "the new york times." there is a lull in the fighting on the ground, but a new lull -- a new fight has broken out over the casualty number. this is about the official
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statistics from the united nations. the statistic they are giving is, as you said, 1865. if we go to the united nations site we can see the website and they actually give all kinds of statistics. at the same time, what we've got is two gaza-based groups contradicting that, saying that in fact, the number of deaths is higher. also, critically, if we go to this human rights website, we can see the question of the number of civilians. the united nations is saying yes, but also 72% are civilians. if we look more carefully, we can see 81.6% according to that website. at the same time, you've also got the israeli information machine saying those statistics
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are not right. 900 terrorists have been killed in the conflict. "the new york times" highlighting the question of the statistics. what we will see is bodies being brought out from underneath the rubble, and the statistics will go up. let's move on now to other matters. "vanity fair" was a novel i read during my english studies, but it's also a very popular magazine. >> this is a serious news piece called "the new snowden." is there a new mole out there leaking security information? this has to do with glenn greenwald, "the guardian" journalist who was strongly associated with the whole story. he has created a website called "the intercept." you can see barack obama at the top. it has a piece saying they have
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statistics about the number of people on the terrorist hit list as far as the u.s. are concerned. the number is 680 thousand. 40% of them are not affiliated to any terrorist organization. of course, this is a leak that has come from classified documents, but not from snowden. what it does mean is we have a mole out there. we can see the wire saying a second snowden leaking security documents. of course, glenn greenwell just a few days ago actually tweeted that he did feel there is a second mole out there. that's bad news for president obama, isn't it? more stories in the pipeline about the national security agency. >> thank you very much indeed. stay with us.
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>> hello and welcome back to the "france 24" newsroom. >> hi, there. you are watching "france 24." time for the business news.
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my name is markus karlsson. we start off in italy where prime minister matteo lindsay is facing fresh pressure as the italian economy has it into its first recession since 2008 -- prime minister matteo renzi. that reading is a cold shower for hopes of a strong euro zone recovery. we take a closer look at the figures. >> a predicament that italy surely wanted to avoid, but after contracting for two orders in a row the eurozone's third-largest economy is back in recession, signaling bad news for italian industry. >> we have a decline in industrial production, in gdp and consumer prices. commerce and shops are closing all the time. it is continuous. >> it's the third time italy's economy dropped into recession since 2008. at the end of 2013, it briefly
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came out of recession with figures increasing marginally in the last few months. since that time, gdp has been steadily declining. the latest contraction in gross to mr. product is a blow for the prime minister -- the latest contraction in gross to mystic got up. reform is desperately needed to curb italy's debt burden but progress has been slow amid ongoing political squabbles. the european union's biggest economies, germany, and france are due to report second-quarter gdp figures next week. >> russia is taking action to retaliate after western countries imposed tougher sanctions against it. it will restrict food and agricultural imports for one
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year. president vladimir putin has issued that order, telling officials to work out the specific list of products to sanction. putin has pledged to shield consumers from any retaliatory measures which may be easier said than done. russia relies heavily on imported products of food. it's believed around 40% of its food supplies come from abroad and much of that comes from western countries. there was a foretaste of the measure last week. all of the european union ships run about $12 billion worth of agricultural products to russia last year. fears of heightened tensions between the west and russia also but a dampener on european stocks this wednesday. shares were weighed down by the italian recession. figures as well here in europe you can see we saw some red
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figures pretty much across the board. on top of that, industrial orders in germany slid in june. let's look at some other stories for you. the future of america's third largest mobile network operator is in doubt following a decision by rival companies to drop its bid for t mobile u.s., which belongs to germany's deutsche telekom. it has been looking for an exit from the u.s. market and a bid from sprint had begun to look like it's best that. brent is walking away as officials have expressed reservation about combining america's third and fourth largest networks. sprint has also announced it is changing chief executives, which has seemed to seal the move away from a deal with t-mobile. the ball may now be in the court of a french telecom company
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which raised eyebrows last week when it announced a $15 billion offer to buy a majority stake in t mobile u.s.. it's reported that offer is likely to be deemed insufficient by deutsche telekom, but there are also reports that iliad is looking for allies to beef up the bid-- standard chartered is facing a risk of fresh american fines. the london-based lender is being investigated in the united states for allegedly breaching money-laundering laws. follows only two years after standard chartered was fined for breaching sanctions on iran libya, and sudan. confirmation came as the bank confirmed profit
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e, from our part everything that has happened in the last 28 days is clear evidence of war crimes committed by israel. that is tantamount to crimes against humanity. >> as a palestinian foreign minister meets with officials at the international criminal court at the hague, human rights watch


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